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8 Key Facts about Package Theft

8 Key Facts about Package Theft

What is a porch pirate, and how can you stop one from landing on your porch?

“Porch pirates” may not fly a skull and crossbones, but they can make anyone feel extremely violated and unsafe in their own neighborhood, regardless of the value of the stolen package.

So, what do you need to know, and how can you keep your front porch safe? Here are 8 key facts about porch pirates and package theft in the United States.

1. Porch pirates are fairly common.

According to the 2019 Package Theft Statistics Report by C+R Research, 36% of Americans have experienced package theft at least once, and an additional 56% said that it had happened to someone they know.

2. Package theft is on the rise.

Blame the delivery economy, but the fact remains: porch piracy has grown in popularity as a crime in the US. According to one 2019 study, 90,000 packages were found to be disappearing daily in New York City, a 20 percent increase from four years prior. From 2010 to 2017, the LAPD reported a 581% increase in reports of packages being swiped off of doorsteps.

3. Porch piracy is a repeat offense.

Apparently, porch pirates do strike the same place twice. Nearly 45% of theft victims have reported having packages stolen more than once, and approximately 1 in 10 have reported experiencing five or more package thefts.

4. Package theft happens in broad daylight.

The best time for porch pirates to strike is during the day— while you’re busy in that meeting or picking the kids up for school or grabbing groceries at the corner store. Approximately 75% of the reported package thefts in 2017 occurred during the day, and (thanks to video surveillance of package theft)*, it appears that most porch pirates don’t attempt any kind of disguise.

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5. Porch pirates live in all 50 states.

Package theft happens in high concentrations in big cities (notably, San Francisco, Seattle and Minneapolis, according to one study), but that doesn’t mean rural areas don’t get hit by porch pirates. In fact, one data set suggests North Dakota boasts one of the highest rates of package theft in the country.

6. Package theft isn’t cheap.

Figures on the average cost to replace a stolen package vary, but one major study clocked the damage around $200. And while many package theft victims will be able to receive refunds on stolen orders, not every package is replaceable. Not to mention your peace of mind.

7. Porch pirates are hard to catch.

Though more and more homeowners are catching their package theft on camera, this doesn’t do a lot to protect your packages from being stolen. One source claims that police make arrests in less than 10% of reported theft cases. More often than not, law enforcement will suggest that you simply get a refund for your package instead of embarking on a wild goose chase.

8. Package theft prevention is the best solution.

In case you haven’t seen the viral videos (and if you haven’t, you should), porch pirates aren’t always deterred by video doorbells. Instead, preventative measures like Adoorn's lockable weatherproof mail and package boxes keep your deliveries safe up front, so you don’t have to worry about watching for porch pirates.

Your front porch can still be your happy place.

Some would argue the front porch is the best part of the house — it’s where you chat with neighbors, hang your Christmas wreath, and sit for morning coffee. Why not keep it a little safer?

Adoorn’s secure mail & package boxes prevent mail and package theft and keep your deliveries safe from porch pirates. They can be easily accessed by your delivery drivers and are spacious enough to receive both mail and packages. What you get in the mail has evolved, your mailbox needs to evolve with it. Check the details here!

(Pro Tip: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return the unused items within 30 days from the date of invoice for a full refund!)

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