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Why the Porch has Become an Important Part of Your Home Security

Why the Porch has Become an Important Part of Your Home Security

For many Americans, the front porch is at risk. Many are experiencing the same feelings as @a_t_richards and her family did in this Twitter video below that shows how their package was stolen right in front of their house.


In the past, most people thought the locks on their doors and windows were the first line of defense against anyone perpetrating a crime against their property. But it's clear that home security now needs to extend to the front porch.

In fact, over 35 million Americans have had a parcel stolen -- almost all to the hands of porch pirates. These thieves prey on packages left at doorsteps primarily by UPS, FedEx, Amazon and USPS, grabbing them when the opportunity arises whether it is day or night and the recipients are home or not.

So what can be done about this problem? Here are some of the ways it's being solved.

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Security Cameras

As seen in the tweet above a lot of residents have installed doorbell cameras. These products are great at giving you visuals on your entry when you aren’t home, allowing you to know when a package has been delivered or there’s someone on your stoop.

They also let you know when a package has been stolen. This is great proof when contacting the police or the vendor, but it does little to stop the actual theft because most porch pirates don’t care if a house has a camera.

In fact, a study by Ben Stickle, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration at Middle Tennessee State University, and his colleagues “did not find thieves were concerned about cameras, as only 8% took any effort to conceal their identity – even when several observed the camera.”

Outside Lights

Another way people try to protect their property is by flooding the front of their home with lights. This can be a great deterrent for all sorts of crimes, from vandalism to burglary. But when it comes to package theft they aren’t the greatest solution.

Proof again comes in the form of Stickle’s study. All 67 of the porch pirate videos he used in his analysis took place during the day. Furthermore, the study reads: “Because most package thefts are occurring during daylight hours, traditional motion lights and other techniques to increase the risk of identification of the thief may not be effective.”

Stickle’s study goes on to say that “fence, gate, visible cameras, residents’ cars on the property, and other environmental factors did not appear to deter any thieves from approaching a residence.”

Package Alarms

Some have become creative in the way they try to thwart theft. Check out this video by LifeHackster on YouTube of an alarm that was set under a package.


Police Sting Operations

There have been a number of attempts by police to nab porch pirates in the act, usually in high-incident areas. ABC News delves into how they do it here:


Revenge Efforts

Just go to YouTube and you’ll see several people setting traps and getting back at porch pirates. Perhaps the most famous is Glitter Bomb by Mark Rober. Here’s one of his successful attempts:


A Lockable Package Delivery Box

The best way forward to ensure packages are always protected on the porch is the lockable package delivery box. This security apparatus receives packages in the safest manner possible. Packages can be locked inside by the delivery person and only opened by the rightful recipient who knows the programmable code.

Although these boxes are in the early stages of being adopted by consumers, they clearly provide the peace of mind that Americans are looking for. The leading lockable package box is Adoorn.

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